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At Pinnacle Village,
we strive to grow in
faith and love together.

As we love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength, we believe that there is no journey towards God that does not also bring us towards each other.

It takes a village! Our small groups which we call “huddles” are designed to meet you where you are and will support you in your journey towards becoming all God calls you to be.
Check out what’s happening at Pinnacle Village to see how you and your family can get connected and involved!

How's Your G.R.A.S.P.?

Pinnacle Live Anniversary Series
Sundays at 10AM PT, 1PM ET
A series on deepening our church life.

 Village On The Hill Summit

Annual Glocal Summit 2023
April 26-29
Save the date for the annual PV Glocal Summit.

Soulergy: Power of Prayer

Prayer Gathering
April 3-21
Discover the different types of prayer in these 15 nights of Soulergy.
Weeknights on Zoom.